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intermittent internet connection

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intermittent internet connection

been having this problem 2 days ago since the night i had my fibre broadband installed

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Re: intermittent internet connection

I started to face this recently too, a continuous ping to my Home assigned IP shows dropped packets when the network goes down. though it has reduced last night but it still does happen till today more significantly when there are network traffics ongoing.
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Re: intermittent internet connection

Hi Derrick, are you getting this issue on wifi or direct connection? Do try connecting your router to your PC using a 

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Re: intermittent internet connection

i got this issue when using cable 

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Re: intermittent internet connection

Do submit your personal details to  @Jolene_L


On her post right side, click on the >> Send a private message

How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?


Provide details; subscriber Name & NRIC, contact, email.

So that she could check on their side for you.




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