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advice needed

Grand Guru

Re: advice needed

@TSL18  For your info.



For mobile phones.


Both of your devices are dual-band.

But the problem is technology is after both model released.

As your phones are older version, i can't comment much.

Need to test several times than you will know th average speed.



I always monitor these speed on several of my phones.


For the guide: Check the link in regards to both your phone.


I may have the correct models, but the basic:


For Wifi

**Scroll down to  COMMS  this is refer to wifi, dual-band has 5GHz  (2.4GHz is common)

Most important is the connection on which 5GHz or 2.4GHz

The Wi-Fi  Name is located on the bottom of the Router.

If the router is dual-band, there are 2 Wi-Fi Names stated 2.4GHz & 5GHz, and the Password is next side.

The technician told me to use these 2 Wi-Fi Names.

So, you need to connect to the 5GHz to get better speed.

For my Samsung S5, the speed average 200+ Mbps.

Yours should be the same.



For Mobile data

## On top  NETWORKS  you need to click on the right  "Expand" if nothing shown.

Check the   Speed  LTE  Cat4 is 150/50 for iPad  and Cat3 is 100/50 Note2.



Grand Guru

Re: advice needed


Regarding to laptop.


My fibre plan is on 500Mbps.

I have 2 laptops.  Both laptops wired adapter is 1Gbps.

Currently using the laptop with 5GHz and  wreless speed reach around 200Mbps+

The reason is that this laptop max at 300GHz.


The other laptop have only 2.4GHz. 

For wired, it reached closed to 500GHz.



So, basically you need to check the laptop adapter card max.


As many say that 2.4GHz is better for long range &or thru wall.

But i am using 5GHz for wireless and inside bedroom wall, speed is 200+Mbps.

For 2.4GHz is worst, and it good for the laptop with 2.4GHz and wired only.


As you can see, it is 'weird' to say 2.4GHz perform better thru wall, but not for me.

I set all my mobile at 5GHz and the reception is strong in the toilet, too.


This is all depend and not all are the same.


Esteemed Commentator

Re: advice needed

@eric3743: Thanks for the info. Had tested both devices(ipad2 and note2) on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz, but both devices only manage to achieve speed between 30+mbps to 40+mbps. For my laptop connection on both channel,the speed is between 100+mbps to 200+mbps. As my devices are old, I can't do much of it, just have to accept it..Once again @eric3743: thanks you!!