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Wrong Billing not corrected from Mar 19 till NOW!

Valued Commentator

Wrong Billing not corrected from Mar 19 till NOW!

Wrong Billing is not corrected from March 2019 untill now.
Contacted starhu office twice, but no actions were taken. 


During recontract salesman told the monthly bill amount is 19.90 (after targetted promotion); but every month i am getting full amount bill of 39.90 with out any promotional discount.

Even after few months paying, called to the hotline and they told that it is some kind of billing errors occurred, and replied me that they will escalate the matter to billing department and will be corrected during the upcoming bills.

I had waiting for another two months and still no changes happened in the bill. It continued at the same rate.

So i went to the one of the starhub office, they replied me that they cant correct this. But they called to the billing department and informed this matter. Then same reply that bill ill be corrected from next month, also told that the extra amount which have charged extra will be reimburse.

TILL NOW NOTHING HAPPENED and I am still paying more amount than agreed in the contract.
I am frustrated by the irresponsibility of your billing personnels or team which giving all those false info to me.

What if a customer not observant enough, are u all going to charge me the normal rate till end of contract?
Quite a disappointment to this kind of services.

Please advise.

Valued Commentator

Re: Wrong Billing not corrected from Mar 19 till NOW!

I am really wondering Whether Starhub team really solve ANY customer issues or just try to acknowledge and forget!.