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Why Should a Customer Pay for Service Never Installed ????????

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Why Should a Customer Pay for Service Never Installed ????????

Disappointed, frustrated and exhausted. Series of events.
1. Late Jan applied for Starhub broadband
2. Was told that 3rd Feb is difficult, but if no one shows up to install then expect after 13th Feb
3. Feb 3rd, Starhub guy comes and finds that both links for Netlink are down and that someone will come back and check ASAP
4. My Landlord decides to sell his home and I am forced to find a new home. 2 days later, I call and also receive a call from Starhub technical team and inform them that since my address has moved, I’d like to have the installation done at new address 
  1. Got about 2-3 calls in between where different teams i.e. technical as well as from the executive at the branch, called and I gave the new address around 10th of Feb.
  2. On 15th Feb when I am moving house, Netlink guys show up and I inform them that I am changing my address. They talk to their supervisor and confirm me that it’s okay and leave.
  3. Few days later I get a call and a date for installation on 22nd Feb
  4. 2-3 days later I again get a call from Starhub’s executive saying that she needs to confirm if charges for Netlink can be waived for me as there was a “change of address”, which by the way never happened as there was no installation done at all
  5. No one showed up on 22nd Feb and no one called back
  6. Went to a branch in Punggol, where I originally raised the request. Another executive started blaming me stating that her colleague did inform me that “it will be late” and because she declared that, I am single handily responsible for $235 for Netlink services costs incurred
  7. I never interacted with Netlink, I made sure I made updates with executive and technical teams about the change of address but still I am the one who has to pay for a installation that was never done
What sort of customer focused service is this ?
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Re: Why Should a Customer Pay for Service Never Installed ????????

My sincere apologies for the service experience, shyamsunderrai. 


Please send us your registered name, contact number, affected service address and Hub ID / email address for verification by clicking the red words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < so we can assist you. 


- Amy