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Wasted my leave

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Wasted my leave

Hi, I received a call from 63099400 on 20/7/2015 who said from Starhub asking me to upgrade to Dual broadband system. After much discussion told that he will make appointment on 3/8/2015 from 2 pm onward. So i took leave and waited for them. Bloody hell nobody turned up. My question is why do Starhub outsource to them???

This is my 2nd time i email to you . Why still no reply. I want compensation for my wasted annual leave!

I call the customer servive 4 times they said will revert back to me but non bothered to call back. This feedback will cc to the higher authority!

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Re: Wasted my leave

I had a similar experience yesterday:


Maybe they had the appointment set up as July 3rd instead of August 3rd? Because that's what happened to me. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend how that can even be an schedule an appointment in the PAST.


Anyway, I hope your problem gets resolved soon as well.

Community Manager

Re: Wasted my leave

Please leave your details over at and let us do a check for you.

If my post answers your question, please click on the "Accept as Solution" button!
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Re: Wasted my leave

Wow you guys really work at lightning speed. The problem was in August now October you just woke up! Really pathetic!!!