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Using our own router

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Using our own router

For broadband subscription, can consumers have the option to select routers of their preferences and top up the difference in cost if necessary?

I realised that many consumers indeed changed the routers whereby the offered router becomes redundant. Futhermore it can also caused inconveniences if router configurations are not setup correctly, thus will involve unnecessary added services to remedy faults for both parties. So if an option to select preferred routers is established, then I believe it should be a win win situation overall.

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Re: Using our own router

Only option that I know of:

Customer can opt for 3,000 reward points instead.

2,100 reward points~$30 Bill Rebate

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Re: Using our own router

I don't think so.


I recommend that if your change from cable to fibre, it is best to include both Modem & Router as part of the package.
Saving 3000 points is not worth it if continue to use same modem & router from cable to fibre.

And if you select your own, it will be on your own, unless someone could able to assist you.
If you do change either or both modem & router, by not using, when problem arrive, troubleshooting will not be easy.

When i re-contract from cable to fibre, i took the offer that include both modem & router.
So far, my online did not have any problem for one year.

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Re: Using our own router

So far I using Apple Airport, no problem at all.

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Re: Using our own router

Will agree with CSS if you want a router with better performance and options. Keep the points and buy a good router from third party shops. For Starhub, you are not able to select which router you want. It will be good if Starhub offers a range of routers.