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Unable to connect to Internet via fiber network?

New Commentator

Unable to connect to Internet via fiber network?

Is starhub fiber network down at Yishun?


LOS is blinking RED and unable to connect Internet.





Grand Guru

Re: Unable to connect to Internet via fiber network?

LOC is blinking RED is no connection.


Possible of 2 main reason.


1.   The Fibre cable is loose. All you need is at the both Green end, firmly push in, not by force.



2.   If  #1 is still not resolved, you need to contact HOTline 1633  to make an appointment for the Technician to go to your location to check. The technician may have to check at their end just in case.


In my case, upon making the appt, i request the technician to come with these 2 main items; Fibre cable and the ONT (nucleus connect). I request to include the router to bring along.

Result:  The Fibre cable damaged. The technician advice me not to tighten too much as it is sensitve.






I am not Starhub staff &or related to.



Edit: Maybe read the next post. Contact hotline CS to confirm if it is due to connection in your area.


Edit1:  At lest the more customers to call, this will make them aware of your situation.