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Sterotype by Starhub??

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Sterotype by Starhub??

Regarding trunking of wire for fibre tv point.


Due to Starhub current ceasing of cable tv and changing to Fibre tv, I had arranged for an appt to install the fibre point which requires trunking of the wire for the tv. I did not re-contract at this point as I want to decide when the contract is nearing.


Upon arrival, the technician was given instruction to trunk and install only 1 fibre point reason due to our house was only installed with 1 tv box. And the 2nd will be chargeable if installed.


I called up Starhub to check if it was possible to install 1 more point (1 in room and 1 in the living room) as the initial plan under cable tv was given 2 points without charge.  CS Chew told me firmly no without bothering to check further and insist it was due to me having only 1 tv box and I had no new plan at this moment.


But the irony part, my 2 cousins recently had Starhub fibre installed in their house due to cease issue too and the technician installed 4 tv fibre points each in their house without them even requesting or requiring it. They had like maximum 2 tv boxes in the house.


And the funny part, one of them even told me that they actually didn’t require it and cancelled their Starhub service shortly after the installation as they had already decided to switch to others.


While a genuine existing customer (me) who had only 1 tv box and requested for 1 additional point without charge was left with a FIRM NO because I had 1 tv box so only 1 fibre point while some customers were freely given 4 fibre points even without asking for it or needing it.


  • May I know how am I different from those customers that you give out 4 fibre points freely without even having 4 tv boxes (also with trunking of cable)??


  • Am I being stereotype or flagged under Starhub Data as a second/third class customer now because I only have 1 tv box or because I choose not to re-contract at this point?


  • This was an existing cable plan that was required to change to fibre by Starhub and not by me.
  • So Why was I not given back the original 2 cable/fibre point?


  • How does Starhub decide which customer gets better treatment than the other? More paying customer or less complaint etc? I am a home hubber who pays on time. (Still not good enough)

So now Starhub is having different standard and service for different customer even though same plan?

Really an eye-opening experience from Starhub, Truly uniquely only Starhub!

Community Manager

Re: Sterotype by Starhub??

Hi WongYi, we're sorry to hear about this. Do PM us with your account details to check,  

Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub

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