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Starhub just killed my land line and fibre broadband

New Commentator

Starhub just killed my land line and fibre broadband

Dear Starhub,

I am utterly disappointed in your services.
Being a starhub customer for more than 8 years or so, I have been promptly paying my bills monthly and my monthly bills are and were $200+.
I am a loyal customer because i have and had always believed and trusted your company.
On the 31st Oct 2019, i have scheduled your technician to relocate my existing modem from Block 1 Bishan Street 15 #09-09 to 461 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #08-1180. Blk 461 ang mo kio is owned by my elderly parents.
On that very day in the evening, I drove in in the evening to Malaysia wanting to go for a 3 days holiday. I received a phone call from my sister in the evening informing me the landline for my home, Blk 461 ang mo kio is down.
I called Starhub up and your customer service officers told me that the technician accidentally did not check on my land line and did not connect it. He mentioned they will resolve it, and that an appointment was made the next day. 
Subsequently, the next morning,1st nov 2019, i called Starhub again at 11.17am, please note that i made the call from Malaysia, i was held for a long time and after several minutes, the customer relation officer told me they did not went down to my house as they have checked and the current modem couldn't support my landline. Frustrated, i insisted that they come down immediately and change back to my old modem and connect my landline. The customer officer said they will update me again.
At 3.37pm, I made another call to Malaysia. This time round, another customer service relation officer picked up and told me my current modem supports landline. I was very frustrated and scolded your staff for the wrong information and unprofessional ism.

I drove back to singapore that very day on the in the evening and cancelled all my arrangements to malaysia. I called starhub again at around 5pm and your staff informed me the appointment is confirmed on the 4th of nov 2019 9-11am. I trusted them and thanked them for the arrangement.

However, your technicians did not turned up this morning and i DID NOT receive any calls from your side. I called starhub up and your customer relation officer informed me they will make another arrangement and will be coming down tomorrow between 9-11am.
The reason why I am so persistent and mad is because my elderly parents do not own any handphones and the land line is the only point of contact between me and them. Can you imagine, if my father were to fall down and not get up? It will be disastrous. 
Starhub, being a SGX listed company had always been my service provider for many years. This is the first time I have lost faith and trust in your company.
I demand a full waiver of my overseas calls made during my malaysia trip and also i demand compensation for all the inconvenience and unprofessional service provided by your good self. Also, my overseas trip planned was abolished because of this matter. If no satisfaction answer and compensation is received, I will turn to social media and let everyone know about this situation. This email does not serve as a threat, but a reminder to you losing a faithful customer who has been with you for a long time.

The appointment on 4th of nov 2019 is cancelled yet again, at least i received an sms from starhub

Your technician came down today,  P112(Tech Code). Firstly, i will like to compliment his services and professionalism, he explained the whole situation to me clearly and he even went to the extra mile to revive my land line. Unfortunately, my internet is down right now. As instructed by him, i should call starhub and seek starhub to grant internet service to my "port 1".
Here is an account of what happened according to this technician:
Previous technician came to relocate from Bishan to Ang mo kio. He plugged in bishan's "nucleus connect" to opennet port 1. This step itself is already wrong as port 1 belongs to ang mo kio's existing source.
Port 2, which is connected to the bishan's source will not be working at all because the coding is under ang mo kio's. 

While writing this email, i am using my internet hotspot from my phone and my bills for my 2 internet are still running. 

In additional, through this hectic and messy screw ups, your IT guy named Corey, MOL060 is very helpful in channeling and keeping me in the loop. He even called me just to inform me the manager who is supposed to call me is currently engaged in a call. Starhub, please kindly improve in your service, stop hiring useless puppets who only read the scripts like "sorry sir", " i understand your problem sir" and " i apologize sir". Corey and technician P112 are employees that are willing to think out of the box and are service orientated. The rest of the people i spoke to simply gave me wrong or misleading information. I think you can better utilize your company's budget by using voice recordings saying thank you and I am sorry.