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Starhub bill negative charge

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Starhub bill negative charge

Hi i cancelled my starhub internet plan some time in september. I always pay in full every month.


This month (Oct) i received i assume my final starhub bill and I have a negative charge and says no payment is required.


Am i entitled to get a refund on this negative charge to my credit card? As I assume this negative charge is pro-rated from my previous bill which I paid in full.


Re: Starhub bill negative charge

Hi Hachiroku! I am pleased to inform you that you will receive your outstanding credit. Once your account is inactive for 2 months, we will automatically refund you the credit via cheque. 


You may look for more information here at -


Should you not receive the cheque in 2 months, you may call 1637 directly to check on the current status of the negative credit. Hope this helps! -Jackson