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Starhub Fibre installation

Senior Commentator

Starhub Fibre installation

I signed up 1Gps fibre in June 2015 SITEX / COMEX.
At point of sale, say installation in 2 weeks and even set appointment.
Subsequently Starhub called to say need to activate 2nd fibre point and need more time and will call again to reschedule installation.
Meanwhile, they say offer free 100mbs cable, which I thot free so just take but never use as I kept my Singtel fibre going.
Never heard from Starhub since.

Made 2 calls 10 days apart in Aug to Starhub 1633, who promised to get relevant person to call back within 3 work days each time but nothing heard from them todate.....

If they treat new customers as such, it sends chills to think how they will treat existing customers.

Anybody experienced such non-responsive attitude from Starhub or is it just my case?

What are my options? to stay or to exit contract?

To stay, who else can I contact for help?
Which stat board will help if Starhub don't respond, do I write to IDA?

To exit, what is the exit clause for this contract if I have not used any of starhub services except for the free temp 100mbs cable broadband starhub installed?

Thanks in advance for your advise.

Community Manager

Re: Starhub Fibre installation

Hi @iantao95

We apologise for the experience that you had. Could you please share your details with us over at via ask an account related question link, we'll follow up and get in touch with you. Thank you.

Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub

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Re: Starhub Fibre installation

Your Issue is regarding about the Second port of the OpenNet Fibre , they need opennet people to come and check for high sginal or low singal , try calling back again and ask ? 

Valued Advocate

Re: Starhub Fibre installation

my understanding on second port activation is first port occupied (as you mentioned, SingTel still ongoing). Second port usually would delay because not enough fibre. NetLink Trust have to do a top up on fibre at the area (probably your HDB block). Probably your neighbors may experience the same thing as well. My delay last time was close to 4 months from SingTel to MyRepublic. MyRepublic folks didn't have a broadband to provide me, which of course I had to continue with my SingTel contract and use their lousy Aztech router.
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Re: Starhub Fibre installation

from reading the forums, it is obvious to me that it will be a few months wait for activating 2nd port.


Why did the SH sales person, even after they know you need to open 2nd port, still lies to you to expect installation is in 2 weeks?


there is opprotunity cost for waiting, not to mention anxiety caused.