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Starhub Fibre Broadband

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Starhub Fibre Broadband



I just had my starhub 1Gbps plan installed and activated yesterday. But i have several queries..


1. The maximum speed i can achieve via wifi (using 5G) is only 290+Mbps and 60MPbps (via 2.4G connection) which is way lower than 60% of the speed plan i have subscribed for. Any advise on this?


2. My opennet port is located at the storeroom next to the entrance. I have no choice but to set up the system in the storeroom, ie. the wifi signal coverage is low when i am in the bedrooms. can i use wifi extender to enhance the coverage? what type of extender should i purchase? with dual-band as well?


3. i have a ethernet point installed in the storeroom and link to the living room. I understand that both starhub tv and the dlink router has to be connected to different ports. But does it work if i link only the necleus modem to the router and connect the starhub iptv cable to the router instead?


thank you

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Re: Starhub Fibre Broadband

Hi  @Andytky


1.  Speed depend on a lot of issue. 

It do not mean you subscribe to the plan, you will get that speed, but that is based on theory.

It also depend on your computer network speed max on both wired and wireless.

For example, my laptop is few years old, wireless max 300Mbps and wired (lan) is 1Gbps.

For speed, you can read at the website here!    

Hence, you have to check your PC on the network setting & status that show the max speed.


2.  The Terminal Point (TP) and the ONT (necleus modem) and Router should be placed together.

For Router, it should placed as high as possible, without any obstacles and any devices which can interfere on the router wireless signal.

You can use wireless extender to enhance your signal & speed.


3.  If you have subscribe to IPTV, it will connect directly to ONT port 2 (port 1 for Internet).

But do note if your broadband is down, so IPTV will also be down. Both connect directly to ONT.


If you require assistance, pls do describe properly in details, so that someone may able to assist you.


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Starhub Fibre Broadband

Hi Andytky, 

I guess eric3743 have already answered Point 2 & 3.

However regarding Point 1, it would be good if you are able to provide here the full specs of your device which would allow us to have a better chance at pinpointing the reason of the internet speed you are having.

Thank you.

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Re: Starhub Fibre Broadband

Hi Eric3743 and Wei Hao,


Thank you for the advice. For item 2, i have actually bought the powerline adapters, hoping to serve as the data points as i just completed my house reno and i do not intend to 'bury' new cables in the false ceiling, etc..


Here's the additional details of the home network setup.

Subscription plan: Starhub Homehub 1000 - 1Gbps plan

Router: Starhub - Dlink AC1750 Dual-band Wireless Router DIR-868L

Modem: nucleus (i dont know the model)


My current home network layout is enclosed belowhome network - andy.jpg

I have spent some time last night trying out different configuration (by moving around the TP-link powerline adapters: i bought 2 homeplug AV1000 (1000Mbps via electrical circuit) and 1 AV500 (500Mbps land, dual-band wireless)


Here's the results of the speed testing (based on starhub speedtest link and speedtest apps using handphone)


1. Laptop linked direct to router - avg. 850Mbps download, 920Mbps upload

2. Wireless - at centre living room - (5G)      - 275Mbps (DL) 200Mbps (UL),

                                                     (2.4G)  - 60+Mbps (DL) 50+Mbps (UL)

                 - at dining room          - (5G)      - 96Mbps (DL) 90Mbps (UL),

                                                     (2.4G)   - 50+Mbps (DL) 40+Mbps (UL)

                 - at study room           - (5G)       - 50Mbps (DL) 50Mbps (UL),

                                                     (2.4G)    - 30Mbps (DL) 30Mbps (UL)

                 - at bedrooms (except for masterbedroom) similar speed as the study room

3. Wired (powerline) at study room - 60Mbps (DL) 50Mbps (UL),


when i disconnected the powerline wifi extender, the speedtest at the dining room averaging 130Mbps (5G) but it's unstable and tends to get disconnected.


Is there a way to improve the speed around the house? or is this a common average speed i should be expecting?


thank you

Grand Guru

Re: Starhub Fibre Broadband

Hi  @Andytky


Modem (know as ONT) is rent from Starhub.

Powerline should be connect directly on the wall power socket (thick wires).

You have to monitor for a period, as initial speed test could be not accurate.

Laptop wired to ONT, is good and now you need to focus on wireless.


For me, with new router DIR-868L, for phones Samsung Note Edge on 5GHz is up to 400Mbps wifi only.

Ignore 2.4Ghz as most of the time speed is low. There are devices will interfere, such as cordless phone.

Before turn on the wifi, go near or next to router and turn on the wireless.

I do it this way to prevent any interference from any others devices, for testing purpose.

From here, you could know the best /basic speed.


Senior Advisor

Re: Starhub Fibre Broadband

Somewhat similar to my plan.

Looks like the powerline doesn't work too well.

you may need to consider your wifi devices' limitations as well, whether they are a/b/g/n/ or ac.

i think most devices are at least n, maybe not on ac.