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STARHUB US SERVER for world of warcraft

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STARHUB US SERVER for world of warcraft



It seems you guys changed something on your parameter, suddenly cannot connect to my usual US server while playing this game, I am fine with no problem on maxonline then suddenly when I changed to fibre broadband its so hard to access when it is from the US.


I already emailed the customer service with my trace and apparently, the connection is being routed to europe path.


It actually shows a very serious problem. You see you are trying to go to the ruin server at but you never get there. The closest you get is You start in Singapore, route through Europe but just kind of fizzle out during the ATT servers in the US


is there anyway I could convert this contract to maxonline again? this fibre broadband is not good at all. I just recontract by the way, thanks...

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Re: STARHUB US SERVER for world of warcraft

Hi FBCastillo

Can I have the e-mail address that you have used to send us the traceroute?
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