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SITEX promotion for re-contract fibre

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SITEX promotion for re-contract fibre

Hi StarHub,


The pre-SITEX offer don't look too attractive. With the 3 months free subscription, the effective monthly price is still $43.66/month for 300Mbps. Is starHub going to come up with a better SITEX offer?



Back in August for COMEX, the effective monthly price is $34.91/month for 200Mbps. 


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Re: SITEX promotion for re-contract fibre

Hi impeller

Think you are comparing between 200Mbps and 300Mbps pricing. For current offers, subscribers are given 3 choice which you can choose either of the following:
- Top up $25/month for Xbox One Kinect Bundle (Worth $739)
- FREE Acer Chromebook 13 worth $569
- Free 3 month broadband subscription

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Re: SITEX promotion for re-contract fibre

Those who are thinking of getting the SITEX promotion for fibre network recontract, please think many times to reconsider the expected service level from Starhub before you sign on the dotted line.

Service level used to be good but now it getting so bad that alot of frustrated customer are NOT HAPPY with the service level, the speed, the uptime and the communication of downtime, timing resolution of issue. A month ago the fibre network was done and again it was down now. starhub is misleading customer by issuing a statement to the media stating that the issue was resolved since 5pm on Thursday but up to now - Saturday, there are customer who still have no access to internet for 3 to 4 days already and yet Starhub had given the standard response - " our fibre network id up and running, no fault detected,our network engineers are investigating the backend side, to find out the issue why you do not have access to internet"

Starhub is in self denial - they do not face it that their fiber network are having issues - it is either a very serious problem for their network engineers to investigate into the backend side and yet to resolve the issue OR rheir engineer technical competency is questionable. Eitherway, Starhub have to keep the customer informed on the real truth of what happen here.

We are paying fir a 24 x 7 access to internet and we are NOT getting it. Starhub, what is your official response - your fibre network is up and running normally , is this the service level expected from Starhub - in thus case, DO NOT promoted and promise faster speed or access convenience. It empty promise and deceive the customer.
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Re: SITEX promotion for re-contract fibre

Hi 5 there BigAL. Could not agree more with you. Service standard from SH is indeed slipping down the ladder, it's not good for us and for them in the long run. Was thinking of investing in the company, but now, I am holding back.
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Re: SITEX promotion for re-contract fibre

Hi All

If you are still encountering any issue, please drop me a Private Message with your details. I will arrange for further assistance to you.
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Re: SITEX promotion for re-contract fibre

I agree that u really have to give it a serious thought before signing ur name on e dotted line.
Yes, u will get free gifts this and that. But are u willing to sacrifice ur precious time chasing after starhub when ur internet connection is down? Or r u willing to keep calling 1633 and receiving different stories abt ur internet connection problem? And endless waiting with no Internet connection? This is what my friends and I r going through right now! ! E choice is urs though!