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Review of the new Linksys EA7500-AH

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Review of the new Linksys EA7500-AH

Linksys EA7500-AH


This Linksys EA7500-AH router is AC1900 MU-MIMO GIGABIT Router.
MU-MIMO is a new technology feature.


Setup & Installation.

It is a standard setup and installation as like any other router.
This router come with 3 antennas.
Once completed connected to the ONT via LAN cable to the Router WAN Port, finally power on the router.
There is one indicator light on Router top on the Linksys logo.
Once the light indicator is good, using LAN cable connect from any of the 4 Router’s LAN Ports and connect to the computer LAN port.
The computer will able to detect as New Router found, and a pop-up window to install and setup the Router begin.
Click on this pop-up window will open the default web browser and auto start the setup.
The Windows OS will have auto open a network connection to set up, which can be ignored.


The setup and installation is straight forward.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the router setup.
It is better to use the default SSID and password, which can be changed later.
This setup could take about 7 minutes which including updating the firmware at the same time.
In this way, it is good to know the latest firmware is updated and no worry on later stage.

Finally after completed the router setup, there is one last part.
This is to sign-up and install Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.
This feature is a good idea to manage all the network connections to use 2 available USB ports.
Router do have one USB 3.0 port for External Hard Disk storage as network drive.
The other USB 2.0 port is for Printer sharing.
This Linksys Smart Wi-Fi will enable to make changes to SSID(s) and password, and other tools and utilities, apps, wherever available.


My Speed test result based on Samsung Galaxy S6
Linksys EA7500-AH ~ Download: 562.96Mbps Upload: 497.72Mbps
DLink DIR-868L ~ Download: 393.23Mbps Upload: 425.30Mbps

Attached below the screenshots of the Speedtest from both Routers.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.



Screenshot:  Linksys EA-7500-AH






Screenshot:  DLink DIR-868L




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Re: Review of the new Linksys EA7500-AH

Hi are you able to perform a speedtest via lan connection to the router? 

Grand Master

Re: Review of the new Linksys EA7500-AH

For Computer and Laptop;

Ensure your connection is done correctly;


TP -> ONT Port-1 -> Linksys Router -> Computer / Laptop


Speedtest using Starhub -> Starhub Local Speedtest


For connection is via Powerline, ensure the correct Powerline kit are properly connected directly to the wall power point.

TP -> ONT -> Router -> Main Powerline > wall power point =/

/= wall power point > Powerline (mostly include wireless) -> Computer / Laptop.

For Speedtest, use the above link;




For Mobile Phones and devices;

Note:  Speedtest cannot be performed by lan connection.


Ensure the Settings -> Wireless -> select the SSID, prefer 5GHz 


Download the Ookla Speedtest App and open & press  "Begin Test".