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Renewal to fibre broadband

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Renewal to fibre broadband

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I just completed installation yesterday and had to call the technical helpdesk team 2 times today because of intermittent network disruption - the EA8100 Linksys router getd disrupted 20 mins after stabilisation (starts blinking furiously) and devices gets disconnected.  While the technical helpdesk tries to resolve it both times, it is still happening every 20 mins (ie thus the need to reboot the router periodically).  How can this be?  It's really a breach of the service contract if the situation does not improve.  Please advise remedial actions.


Btw - The EA8100 Linksys router just installed yesterday started blinking profusely AGAIN!!!

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Re: Renewal to fibre broadband

Hi Lindachan


I've removed your account number as this is a public forum. I understand my colleagues has been in touch with you today. 


If you're still experiencing issues, please send us your registered name, service number and Hub ID / email address for verification by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < so we arrange for assistance again. Smiley Happy


- Amy
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Re: Renewal to fibre broadband

Thank you Amy,


Yesterday evening we had this resolved - thanks to the techincal team Roy!