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Relocation of services

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Re: Relocation of services

I have requested for a relocation service for my fibre broadband service recently and the work is set to be on the 5th January 2015. However, after dropping by at the Starhub outlet in Vivo City and talking to one of the service staff there, I realised that to relocate is actually more expensive than terminating my contract with Starhub. I called 1633 and requested to cancel my relocation services but I was told that I would need to pay a cancellation of $200 plus, which is more expensive than the relocation service fee of $190 plus. I think this is absurd! Why do I need to pay for something that is not being carried out yet?

New Commentator

Re: Relocation of services

Hi all,


I just shared my bad experience with Starhub Fiber relocation.

I called starhub on last wed to inform them i want to relocate my Fiber to my new home, and then they inform me all the service charge which i need to pay which is total around S$ 190.

I said okay with that since i don't have much choise, and they said someone will call you within 2 days to make an appointment and more details information.

After waiting for 4 days nobody call me, so i decide to call again on monday 12 Jan 2015. and I repeated to CSO, i willing to pay but why nobody call me?? I need that urgent ( because i already stayed in new location ). Then she only said okay sir within 2 days someone will call me to make an appointment..

Until today nobody call me.

I just wonder to Starhub this kind of service was not free and some more not cheap ( almost S$200 ) and customer already willing to pay, but why the response very slow???

Where is Starhub SLA??? 2 days someone will call???

Does it fair for customer?? Customer willing to pay but no good and fast service offered by Starhub.

If this Fiber Relocation was free I will not comment anything as consider as best effort ( long queue ) so need to wait. BUT???? This pay ( again almost S$200 ).

It really unfair fo us as customer. Starhub can request for service charge very high so customer can request for SLA and good service also. ( But in my case i got nothing ).

For your info, I already Starhub customer for almost 4 years.

If Starhub really can not commit with the service charge and the SLA also the service given then better make it free ( at least can said to customer : " Sorry sir since we freed it please wait, long queue" ) it more make sense.

Very very dissapointed with starhub paid service ( expensive but Not Good at all ).

Again... I willing to pay.. But no action at all from Starhub...

Just sharing this a real story.