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Relocation of fiber is very slow

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Relocation of fiber is very slow

I called hotline for service address change for my fiber broadband & they say they will call me back in 48 hours & till Thursday no one call me for appointment for relocation of fiber broadband. So today I called again & check my request status & they said they will call u back in 48 hours. I don’t understand 48 hours count from when the request is logged or based on what. I called them again Thursday evening & they say they will forward my case & relevant department will call me back for appointment to do relocation of fiber broadband & said I need to wait another 2 more days. 


I was wondering that many people relocate fiber broadband too often that StarHub can’t even keep the service level they mentioned when customer called in? 


I may may switch back to normal cable broadband after my current fiber broadband is complete. It’s just not convenient for customers when they want to relocate to new address.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Relocation of fiber is very slow

Hi Khinlai2khaing


I'd like to help you on this without further delay. Can you provide me with your full name, NRIC, contact number and email address via Private Message and we'll keep in touch?

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Re: Relocation of fiber is very slow

Finally I got a call from relocation department on 3-Aug & made appointment for 8-Aug. Technician already came & do the necessary setup & told to wait for 3hr to 6hrs StarHub to activate the fiber broadband. After 6 hrs, ut we still can’t use internet & StarHub did call back 1 day & unfortunately I missed the call. I called hotline today morning & told that the relevant department will call me back by today. Hopefully they will call me back today to solve the internet issue. 


I just find using fiber broadband is so inconvenient when we move house. Now it’s been 2 weeks since my first call for relocation request & it still not yet sorted out. I don’t know how long it will take , a month ? 


I find using normal cable broadband is much more convenient than fiber broadband. We need to pay for activation fee every time we move house & have to wait at least 3 weeks to 4 weeks & the result of the signal strength doesn’t seem to better than cable broadband also. 

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