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Recontracted MaxInfinity 500mbps plan grossly overcharged

Community Manager

Re: Recontracted MaxInfinity 500mbps plan grossly overcharged

Thank you for the update. As shared, the adjustment will be reflected within 2 billing cycle. 

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Esteemed Commentator

Re: Recontracted MaxInfinity 500mbps plan grossly overcharged

Hi is this update for Jovenn or for both of us?I just received an SMS saying the Agreed waiver for my account will be shown in upcoming bill in Feb.however I've yet to receive any call or explanation on what happened. Please call me today

Esteemed Commentator

Re: Recontracted MaxInfinity 500mbps plan grossly overcharged

*UPDATE for other starhub users facing similar issue*


I still did not receive any explanation nor call from Starhub, all these despite a SMS i received which said: "Dear Customer. we would like to update you that the agreed waiver for your account number 1.xxxxxxxx will be shown in your upcoming bill dated 16/02/2019." 


How can it be that I had "agreed to" something that I had no call/no explanation about to make an informed decision, much less agreed to? From a ethical (and possible legal) perspective, this is clearly a violation of ethics.


So knowing that Starhub will promise callback(s) but take their own sweet time, I called in to the hotline, and the agent on the phone told me that:


1. Someone had likely made a mistake when entering my recontracted plan in system, and forgot to put in the discounted tag. Therefore my bill was not correctly reflected

2.the errorneous charges billed will be offset from my subsequent bills (waiver)

3.although there's an option in Starhub portal to view the Service Agreement, you can't view service agreements as they are only mailed to you. (that's a very silly website user interface  and confuses people..why is that option even available in the menu in the first place if nothing is there?)


Let's see if they live up to what's promised.


As I've lost trust in Starhub's telesales/billing department, I've cancelled my GIRO for now.


Granted, I can accept that mistakes happen (I've been a call centre agent/client success person myself), but what is not right is when there is a mistake made, and a "hush-hush" cover up is done (without accountability to the customer!), and any clear ownership to the issue at hand.


Starhub clearly needs to work on improving transparency to customers,website user interface, response time to customers and internal accountability 


Hope this is the last time I'll have to waste my time make such complaints. Community managers @debbiefa @simonN@JacksonTZG, please forward my comments to your Customer Experience Head, Chris Lipman for consideration.





Customer Service

Re: Recontracted MaxInfinity 500mbps plan grossly overcharged

Hi John, I have replied your PM to give you more background on the incident. Indeed we have made a mistake and we are sorry about it.  - HT