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Re-location of Fibre Broadband

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Re-location of Fibre Broadband

We would need to re-located our fibre broadband to our new address on 1st October. However, the point 1  of the FTP in our new place is currently use by the owner under other internet services provider. I understand that before the re-location process can take place the point 2 of the FTP need to be activated. 


We have consulted the customer services officer at vivo city outlet yesterday and she advised us to submit the re-location application now and make an appointment with Opennet, in order for them to go to the new place for checking (i understand opennet may take about 1 month to activate the point 2 if there is an issue). 


In connection thereto, i would like to understand would starhub suspend my internet service immediately after we submit the re-location application (we do not wish to have internet discourage as we are paying for the services every month) ? For your information we would only move to the new place with effect from 1 october 2016.


I need to make sure starhub will not suspended my internet services until the port 2 in our new place is successfully activated by opennet.


Thank you. 

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Re: Re-location of Fibre Broadband

Hi  @3von_B33


You need to provide more info as to the detail of your current connection, both existing and next address.

Also you need to seek approval from the landlord, i assumed you are just a tenant.

Do note that there are cost involve in this arrangement, as it would be charged by NetLink Trust for about $200+


Please do submit your request and include subscriber detail, and reference to this thread, and details as mentioned above, to  PM  @Debra Low  or  Santosh Rai  to assist and look into your case on this matter.


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?


It is good to prepare early, as it may take longer then 1 month to process, based on NLT schedule and other necessary arrangement.


As far as i know, your connection would not be terminated while waiting for NetLink Trust (formely OpenNet) to schedule and ensure it can be done.

That is there will be downtime when Starhub make the transfer.

It is very odd that the Sales staff did not handle your case, as this forum staff still have to send to the Sales to process.

Also the name is NetLink Trust, as not OpenNet.


Meanwhile, it is best for your to visit NetLink Trust to learn more, link

As i am going to move to new flat, i did check and verify thru email on regarding my next location, to confirm on the Fibre Network connection. They did replied.



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Re: Re-location of Fibre Broadband

Hi Eric 


We have been told by the starhub customer services officer that it would only be a charged of S$107 as the re-location fees. We are not being told that there will be a charge by NetLink Trust for about $200+. What is this $200+ charge for ? The FTP is already there and we just request to activate the port 2 in order for starhub to re-locate my current ineternet. 


Thank you. 



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Re: Re-location of Fibre Broadband

As usual, thanks @eric3743 for the information Smiley Happy 


@3von_B33, please drop me a PM with your StarHub Account number, we'll find out more and get back to you. Thank you