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Poor broadband Speed

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Poor broadband Speed

I've a 1gbps connection and off late I'm experiencing poor connection speed. I did a speed check and noted that the download speed was just 32mbps. Please help to resolve this




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Re: Poor broadband Speed

Hi @sidhartharidas, I'm sorry that you're having poor connection speed. I believe this might be either a StarHub network issue or a router issue. Have you tested your connection using a LAN cable to your laptop/PC? 



~ Carla
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Re: Poor broadband Speed

Experienced similar issues and was able to isolate the cause. Using Linksys Velop mesh router version 1 with 3 nodes and tri band. Initially, download was as low as 10MBs and my subscription is for 1GB.


  1. DECT Phone - DECT phones was using 2.4GHz band. When turn off, interference was reduced.
  2. Switches - Due to migration from Cable Broadband, my wired connections terminated in the store room. However, since the OpenNet point was setup in the hall, the only way to recycle the wired connections was to use Switches. Ended with 3 as some rooms do not have sufficient ports. Unfortunately, these really slowed the network down. When Switches are turned off, the wireless speed improves significantly. Now getting over 100MB in terns of speed.
  3. Hardware - Using Chromebooks over WiFi and there is a limit in terms of speed compared to wired connections. There are also differences when it comes to hardware. As an example, first generation Chromebooks seem to get around 30MBs. Contrast this with 2018 Chromebooks where speeds are over 100MBs. Since Chromebooks generally do not come with LAN ports, have not been able to test wired connections.
  4. Router positioning - If using WiFi, may have to test where to place the router. In general, best to be elevated and not blocked by walls. For areas with weak WiFi, consider a mesh router. Sure, speed may not be as good but at least you'll get coverage.
  5. Cable - Check the router cable. Discovered that the LAN cable was faulty. When replaced, speed improved. Make sure the cable is at least Cat 5e (max speed 1GB). Cat 5 (max 100MB).
  6. Regular restarts - It is good practice to restart the modem and router about once a week. Understand this is good for security. Turn off the modem and router for 2 minutes. Start the modem allow it to stabilize i.e. all the lights. Then start the router. In my case, I allow the main node to stabilize before turning on the other nodes.

To test check whether you are getting 1GB, try connecting directly to the modem using at least a Cat 5e LAN cable. It should be close to 1GB. Certainly works for me.

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Re: Poor broadband Speed

Hi Carla

Yes. I tried both ways and its gotten worse now

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Re: Poor broadband Speed

Hi @sidhartharidas , it is really weird that you get such low connection speed even on wired connection. Can you guide us through how your devices are connected?

Eg. ONT -> Router -> (LAN( PC
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