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ONT IP not changing

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ONT IP not changing


I have trying to get new IP on my ONT device for Fibre broadband, keeping ONT and router off during night.

But still getting same IP.

Called Starhub technical support and they said cannot do anything !!!


if starhub cannot help, who can help? how to get new IP ?



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Re: ONT IP not changing

Did you contact directly to Broadband Tech support line, not the CS as most likely standard answer.


In my encountered with HOTline 1633 direct to broadband tech support line, the staff are able to assist to Refresh my IP without any issue.

If the line is busy, do call later as they may be assisting another customer online which may take several minutes to process.




There is another option you can try, no need to wait for hours.

1.  Power Off both ONT and Router.


1.1.  Optional: Should you still unable to resolve your problem, this may be necessary.

Before you power off the Router, do a Factory Reset, optional as Router do retain the previous IP.

Factory Reset is to use a pin to push+hold into the Reset hole, either behind or bottom, for 10+ seconds &or the power indicator light turn amber; then power off.

It is best not to do any changes in the settings to avoid any conflict arise.


2.  Wait for 5+ minutes and power on the ONT only.

Next, Wait for the ONT -> PON indicator green light turn stable, about 1 minute, then power on the Router.





i am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: ONT IP not changing

Hi @pgupta101, please PM me the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN and email address should you still require any assistance. - Sofia