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Nonsense from starhub.

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Nonsense from starhub.

We had recontract for our starhub homehub, was given an appointment for 9 Dec 2015 9am to 11am. No technician came, called starhub at 12pm was told the appointment was made according to their computer and they would check and call me back no call came back so i called again at 3pm and was told they were sorry again and would call me back again. At 5.30 i called the third time and demanded someone in charge call me back before 6 no one in charge call me back but the retailer i had re-contracted with contacted me and re-arranged any date for me and he would try to get someone in charge to call me. No one called back.


I called and demanded that someone in charge call me back again on the 10 Dec yet no one has contacted me even after promising to call back 4 times.

I had to take a day off to wait the whole day, wasting money and time and yet no response from starhub even after 4 promises. Now i have to take another day off just for the new appointment.  I demand an explanation and compensation on all the time and money you have made me waste.

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Re: Nonsense from starhub.

Hi @Jack2424,


We detected a double post, where our customer support has responded to your other post at the following link , hence do reply us via thread.


We are locking this thread up.


Thank you


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