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No internet for 2 days after getting ONT

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No internet for 2 days after getting ONT

Just received the ONT on Wednesday and did informed earlier that I want it to be direct ONT but the starhub guy mentioned that some configuration needs to be done in the backend and it should be up within 48 hours and they will call me if they require additional info.


Now it has been more than 48 hours and I still do not have any internet access. Called in and was informed that backend team requires my ONT to be on to be able to do troubleshooting. Wonders why nobody contacted me to request for the ONT to be online instead of having me to call in and check for the status.


Pretty upset about the poor follow up. If I don't call in, I wonder how more days of downtime will I get.

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Re: No internet for 2 days after getting ONT

Good morning Bro,


Let me share with you my experience, hopefully it helps.


This activation/deactivation of Direct ONT is not done by StarHub itself, but it is by OpenNet. And based on my understanding, it can only be done every Tuesday, when they have their planned maintenance day.


I *think* the guy who told you that it could be done within 48 hours was not sure of what he was talking about.


I am quite sure of above facts because StarHub activated my Direct ONT when I told them not to and caused me a big headache.


Hope it helps and best of luck.



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Re: No internet for 2 days after getting ONT

Hi Ernest, thanks for your sharing. My request for Direct ONT was done at the point of subscription before Opennet came to install the TP. Thus, I'm not sure if they had done the necessary setup prior to that.

Was only informed that the backend team requires the ONT to be online so that they can check.