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No internet connection

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No internet connection

Been using Starhub Fibre for past few months and it was smooth but now had encounter very unstable internet connection especially during night time. The connection keep on cutting off very few minutes. It's really frustrating to keep on restart the router. Please kindly do something to it

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Re: No internet connection

Hi valarietan, may I know if restarting your router helped? - Diane

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Re: No internet connection

Community Manager

Re: No internet connection

Hi SkipzXD


How's things now after a reboot of your equipment? Do try out some of the troubleshooting steps at to see if this works for you.


If this doesn't help, please send us your registered name, contact number, affected service address and Hub ID / email address for verification by clicking the red words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < so I can check on this for you. 


- Amy
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Re: No internet connection

Having the same problem last night after switch to the crappy Starhub broadband due to using Starhub TV..

Waited for 5 days to get some stupid technician to come

Make a mess of my place, with cables dangling here and there.

Once installed, function for 4 hours before swtiching off.

Once switch on, cannot find IP address

Spent one whole hour on the phone with Starhub technician to troubleshoot. 

Now left with 2 failed tv box with zero sign from router

Scheduling for the next technician will take even longer time.

Is Starhub going to rebate me for all the downtime???

I demand compensation for your lousy and incompetent staff handling my setup boxes

Please reply!!!!!

First World Country, First World Price, Third World Service, what a rip off!!!!!

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Community Manager

Re: No internet connection

Hi eduard, we sincerely apologise for the service experience you'd and the inconvenience caused.

Please PM us the subscriber name, service address, registered Hub iD / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll check and arrange for assistance.