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New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

@kazsoft wrote:

It asks me to define 2 station names.


e.g.      HUB,   HUB-5GHz


My devices see the 2 different names, then I pick which one to connect.


I didn't know about the auto detect, though. Need to google it.


Normally, D-Link router is something like this:


1.  For 2.4GHz the username   dlink-1234

2.  For 5GHz the username      dlink-1234-5GH

I am used to preset by the router, as not to be confused if there is another using the same SSID.

The passwork must be the same for both, as standard.


For mobile handset,  most latest model are dual-band, which best to select 5GHz band for better speed.

Example my Samsung Note Edge could reach close to 400 Mbps, S6 around 300Mbps.

That is provide ONT is on good location, such as, Router is placed on high level, less obstruction.


  @kazsoft    Also, for mobile handset speedtest, for Android, i am using by Ookla


Once you have selected your router SSID, most phone will saved and will always use this.

Suggest you to go near the router, and select the SSID for 2.4GHz and login, and saved.

Then next detect and select SSID for 5GHz and login, and saved.

So whenever you switch on the wifi, it will take the SSID for 5GHz.

As for the 2.4GHz is already saved inside the handset, this is for at time unable to connect to 5GHz SSID.


I used this method, so that if somehow the SSID for 5GHz is lost, i still have the 2.4GHz.

As for to set the SSID next to the router to get the IP Address, without delay.

Most phones will use the same IP Address as assigned.


As for speed test, Starhub will refer to their speedtest;


For Local:


For International:



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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

@Onyx88 wrote:

Interesting reads.

I just started looking at fibre plans (Internet and Fibre TV) cos' SH is phasing out cable.


Fibre broadband:



For your info.


Try not to include Cable broadband, which is part of the Dual Broadband plan.

This is like what you are having, on cable connection.


For me, i am using 500Mbps and is stable and do not have any problem.

Even if connection drop, i do have a way to go around this.


For powerline, it is using the power supply, which may not provide a stable connection.

As you have been using it before, the same thing may just happened again.

Afterall, cable or fibre connection is still the same, moving datas.


As for which plan you are looking at, do go to the Starhub shops to get the broucher, before decision.

Some plan indicate here, such as, 1Gbps with free DIR890 is for Online purchase (signup /recontract).

I may be wrong, but it is better to get more info than limited info from online.

That is to say, online webstore is like an exclusive partners, may not be Starhub itself.

Hence they could provide this DIR-890 but not at the Starhub shops.

That is to say, some complain when doing sign up not at Starhub shops, but from call sales another exclusive partner?

Be sure, as i always compare which have the better pricing for signup &or recontract.

Also in the end, i mostly do mobile purchase at the online. Mobile only is alright for me.


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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

@Onyx88 wrote:


Fibre TV:

read that it requires additional cabling for 2nd fibre set-top box in room.

the IP switch can be shared with broadband?

else so many extra devices.

If cannot lay nice cable, then have to drop the 2nd set-top box.


For Fibre TV, only on the Port-2 of the ONT.

The IP switch is basically for ONT Port-2 to both TV in living room & bedroom.


Only allow 1 IPTV Set-top box per TV set.


Cannot use 1 IPTV Set-top box for 2 TV(s).

If it is not connect directly from ONT port-2, the result will be "No Signal".


ONT port-1 is only for Internet.

Both are fixed and no other option.

Normally, if the customer did not opt for IPTV, then the ONT is different, as port-2 is null.

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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Luckily, my condo is tiny, just 500 sqft. So, the signals strength is more than enough.


Added a wireless toy to keep an eye on things..... ^_^


I use wireless whenever possible. I just hate those wires !



Senior Advisor

Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Anyone used SH service to lay additional LAN points? Heard about $100+ for each point.

Or most of you are getting new houses? Lol

Would prefer to lay Cat6 cables to future-proof.


For the plans without bundled router, can buy your own router and ask SH to install?

Then can pay lower monthly subscription.


Ideally, each room should have 2 LAN points? one for broadband, one for IPTV.

Else just 1 LAN point for each room and kill the additional IPTV. 

Andriod boxes should work fine too.

Can stream from Starhub Go also right?

Hate the thought of streaming on wifi if I have a high Fibre plan.




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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Since I don't watch TV much, I think I will take the advice and continue to use the existing Cisco set top box and coax cabling. Just updating my documentation to show how it's connected. (Fibre TV for future use.) I'll probably add a NAS storage directly to the Wireless Router, using Cat 6 cable.