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New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

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New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling


My existing cable modem, a Cisco DPC 3925, has been disconnecting multiple times EVERYDAY for the past few months. I have reached the limit of my patience....

So, finally decided to switch to fibre, and will be installing 2 weeks later.


As my condo already has structured cabling, I've been doing some research on the devices that will be installed, and would like to design the connections to take advantage of the existing cabling.


Presently, there are 3 telephone points and 2 data points, in the living, master, and study rooms.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 8.40.23 PM.png




I believe there are the TP, ONT, Wireless Router, Set Top Box and Telephone to be installed.


If I place the devices this way, does it make sense ?

The TP will connect to the ONT (fibre.)

The ONT will connect to a telephone point and a data point (2-wire and UTP.)

In the living room, the Wireless Router will plug into the data point. One of the port will be used for the Set Top Box.
In the Master Room, a DECT Phone will be connected using the Telephone Point.




All are using standard cables. No special cabling required.


Any comments ?  Good? Bad?



Thanks !


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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Thanks to everyone who replied. I really learned a lot. Hopefully, this will solve my cable modem daily disconnection problem once and for all.


This is what it looks like. The fibre goes into the ONT. The ONT has Port 1 for Network, Port 2 for IPTV, Tel 1 for Telephone. At first I tried to patch to a data point in the living room. It worked. But then I want to reserve that data port for the IPTV (I only have 1 data point in the living room.)


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.24.40 PM.png


So, keeping everything in the cabinet for now. I am using a flat Cat 6 cable between the ONT and the Wireless Router, so that the cabinet door can close without touching the network cable.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.25.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.25.30 PM.png


Also, the holes for the metal cable box are not opened. So, I'll just put a stopper there for now, to make sure it doesn't cut the cables when the metal door is closed.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.24.55 PM.png


Depending on the location in my home, I get around 20Mbps, to the fastest 100Mbps. I am using an old MacBook Air, so I guess the WIFI speed is also limited. Probably it won't go higher than 100Mbps.


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.23.03 PM.png



The speed test shows it has gone back up again, but still only around 66Mbps. Anyway, as long as it doesn't disconnect daily I am happy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.18.07 PM.png



Thanks, Guys !



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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Hi  @kazsoft


I am to break to 2 posts.

For this, it is about fibre broadband.


In the pic 1, the box on the right is the Terminal Point.

Fibre Broadband is using Terminal Point (TP) which is installed by NLT (NetLink Trust, formely OpenNet).

The bottom of the box in green is the connector.


Starhub will apply on behalf of the Customer, to NLT to activate at NLT end.

Then Starhub will visit your location to install the ONT (Optical Network Terminal).

This ONT is free rent to use during the period on the Fibre broadband. 

There will be a short fibre cable to connect between ONT to the TP.

Only Port-1 on the ONT is used for fibre broadband.


The staff will come with ONT, fibre cable, Router.

Connection will be using normal LAN cable (Cat5e &or Cat6, prefer) connect from ONT to router.


The staff may need to test the connection if it is good or not.

Finally, he is to show you that the connection is close to your plan.


For me, i asked the staff to config & setup in my laptop.

This is that i do not have to do it myself, But most important is the Speed as close to my plan.



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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Hi  @kazsoft


Part 2.


For data points, i would not comment as i am not familiar.


As for Telephone, it is connect to Tel-1, hence it is correct.


Did you sign up for IPTV, as it is mentioned in your diagram.

IPTV must be directly connect from ONT Port-2 to the HD Set-top box, hence no option.

So the diagram 1 Living room with the IPTV Set-top box thru router will not work.

If not, the screen will show "No Signal".


For diagram 2-"Distribution Board" i am not sure, as there are posts about this type of connection.

Hopeful some users may able to advice, or this forum staff may able to check for you.


That is ONT Port-1 is for fibre internet, and ONT Port-2 is for IPTV which is fixed.

For the other 2 ports wil not have any connection, as it is not connect.

ONT being supply by Starhub had been coded.



For your info.

Starhub are going to remove Cable network. (Starhub buy the whole cable network over previous owner)

As our TV Cable network is very many years ago, so it may have connections issues, include TV.

Singtel is using IPTV (if i am not wrong) hence no problem.

So far, no complain with Starhub IPTV.


Thanks for reading.


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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Thanks for the super detailed explanation !


The reason for switching to fibre, is I don't have a choice. My network would go down every night without fail. It is super annoying and frustrating.


Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 7.12.18 AM.png


My Homehub 1000 plan has IPTV and telephone. I don't watch TV much, and I don't use the telephone.


So, it's good information that the IPTV requires a connection to the ONT. I have 2 options: don't use the IPTV, or don't use the IPTV. I think I will go for Option 2.  ^_^  When the current TV connection using coax dies, I'll just stop subscribing to cable TV. No worries.


I'll work a a re-design then.


By the way, any idea what model of ONT will be offered ? I can't find much infomation. Nucleus? Huawei ?

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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

By the way, for the ONT... if...


Port 1 for Internet

Port 2 for IPTV

Tel-1 for telephone


and it's "designed" to be placed in the cabinet where the distribution board/panel is, then how do they intend to provide these services to the living room, bedroom ?  There is only 1 data and 1 tel port to the living room. What if people have multipe TV sets at home ?


Mine is a brand new condo with the new cabling, yet it doesn't seem to cater for enough structured cabling for all the services. (It's perfect if we're still using the old coax for TV and internet.)

So, who designed the stupid infrastructure ? Everything seems to be 'afterthoughts'. The coax cabling will become obsolete in just 1 to 2 years ? What a waste !



If I use the Data point in the living room for the IPTV, then the Wireless Router wil have to be placed in the cabinet next to the TP, ONT. So, my devices at home will be using WIFI only (except the TV.)

That's all fine. What I find stupid is instead of having just a cable modem that I can place at any of the 3 coax points, I now have to add the ONT, Wireless Routers in a cabinet, and have less wall ports usable (and they become obsolete), and still using WIFI which probably will have limited speed (lower than the 1G I subscribed ?) It just seem a lot of extra work and not a lot of benefit.

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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Since I only have one data point in the living room, and I don't watch TV much, I can probably continue to use the coax for TV (until the service ends.)


Or, just buy an Internet TV box.  Makes sense ?


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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Or, if I want to use IPTV, and want to attach more devices to the Wireless Router. In any case, why isn't this kind of fibre service delivery well thought out beforehand? Everything seems to be afterthought, creating more problems than it solves.





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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Hi  @kazsoft


As i cannot provide advice /suggestion, so did a search in the forum.


Check these threads regarding data points.


Data Points


Service to convert existing home phone lin to LAN port


Howard is this Community Forum Staff.


Hope these info do helpful to you, for data points usage.


(For me, Yes, as i am going to move to new 5 rooms HDB flat soon.)


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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Regarding your earlier post.

As for ONT, it will be Nucleus Connect which is Huawei product.

But not to worry about this, as this is Starhub property, if problem, they have to change.


Just my opinion.

If you read as what it was mentioned in those links, most probably your data points may be used for Internet connection

So, it may no need to do anything, as accordingly to link 2, as mentioned, using data points for new house.


Regarding on the TP to ONT & Router.  And Router 4 ports to the data points for connection.

Meaning, the cabinet is open, so that

1.  connection from TP to ONT to Router;

2.  connection from Router to data points.

3.  It is good that your main power supply is just nearby.

**Just my suggestion, may work or not, i am not sure**

**That is i need to wait for my new flat keys to check**



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Re: New fibre installation, using existing structured cabling

Useful info. Thanks!


I was under the assumption the telephone port is only 2 wire.


If it can be used for data, then it will solve my problem exactly. I'll have 2 data points to the living room, one for IPTV and one for Data. It will be much more flexible.

I shall go Sim Lim and invest in a cable tester to see how many pins are wired.