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Netlink refuse and deliberately delay fibre installation

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Netlink refuse and deliberately delay fibre installation

We actually went to Starhub roadshow in March to switch to fibre as we depend on Internet a lot as we watch online streaming tv and cable tv and our phones run in cable. There was a free installation package for customer that switch before 30th June so we seize the opportunity as we don’t mind taking time out for the installation just to make sure we have smooth internet access. Who knows after Starhub supposedly make an appointment for us for the technician from netlink to come down to inspect the place to make sure if there’s need for cabling. There was already a terminal outside our riser and the technician anyhow said this building no connection point and want charge us $1000+ to run fibre from lift lobby to the other end of our house and they took picture of our house interior to show it’s for residential not commercial as they claim on their record our unit is running a commercial business. But after the visit it was clear it’s a domestic residential condo ground floor unit and never has been a shophouse or a commercial unit. Who knows netlinkcame back said the technician who took our house photo didn’t handback any photos and our unit still under classified as commercial and said they can’t run the free installation asits commercial. We took over a month sending them evidence of our utility bills and URA email that prove our house is residential and they stop updating us or contacting us back. I feel they just want to extort $1000+ from us to run fibre for no reason when there’s a termination point right outside our riser. It is very unprofessional and the on and off internet connection. We experiencing from StarHub recently is unreasonable as we paying full service but the internet connection has become intermittent and the cable tv a lot of channels are not working anymore. But hey we pay full service bill to watch the cable until 30th June. 


The netlink people are not responding and we need to get our fibre installed as soon as we need our internet connection. But Starhub customer service said it’s a netlink problem but Starhub is the service provider, shouldn’t you all need to audit the installation service your contractor is providing as your customer is not able to switch to fibre although they already register for fibre to be installed!

it is urgent and I need a Starhub professional and not some part timer to get back to us as soonregarding this outrageous extortion by netlink.

Community Manager

Re: Netlink refuse and deliberately delay fibre installation

Hi Greenpebbles, please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number >> HERE << we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you.

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