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Moving to another location

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Moving to another location

My 2-year-plan is up. I am moving to a new HDB flat soon. Do I sign up for a new plan at the new place, and terminate the old existing plan at the old place. Or is there some other provision for this scenario?

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Re: Moving to another location



This may depend on your situation as we can have 2 or more fibre broadband plans.

It is best to do recontract and moved to new location at the same time.

If you hold 2 fibre broadband plans and later you have to terminate 1 then there is this charge of Fibre Service Disconnection Fee $32.10 > Fibre Broadband Charges


Best is to write to forum staff to check and assist you and see if there is any offer for recontract.


Do PM (private message) forum staff Amy_Law to assist you on this matter.

Or to the forum staff that reply here, by clicking on the staff's post: Send a private message.


Click on this link; >> Send private message to Amy_Law


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Message Subject:

Registered subscriber full Name, NRIC/FIN number, account (if any) and your contact & email.

Description:  And any other queries do include here.


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




i am not starhub staff.


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Re: Moving to another location

Thanks for the info. I was hoping they could provide this kind of information to the public. If not, I'll just have to call the hotline, or go down to one of the starhub shops to get this done. But thanks still, regardless.

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Re: Moving to another location

Hi manybuddies


Let me arrange for assistance to get your concerns addressed out. Can you provide me your full name, NRIC, contact number and email address via Private Message and we'll keep in touch?