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Modem flashing red light, lost of signal

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Modem flashing red light, lost of signal

Modem keep flashing red light and no internet connection.. had called multiple to,e and still not resolved, last spoken to the team and they mentioned will send technician down tml and still have the cheek to ask for transport fee.. the issue is not cause by us and you still want us to pay for it. Pls get ur act right and get someone to resolve the issue asap. It's new year and no one in the right mind will want be angry, either you may send ur cs for enhancement training or change the team lead. Pls get back to me before 3pm. Thanks


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Re: Modem flashing red light, lost of signal

Hi  @Germaineyap


For the red light on the "LOC" on the ONT (fibre modem) means the connection had lost.

There are several steps to check, instead of relying (slow response) Starhub.


There is a yellow fibre cable between the TP and ONT. (option not in order)

1.  Try to push firmly in, no force, holding on the green end.

     Or pull over and insert in, no force, as it is only 1 direction.

2.  If confirm it is due to the yellow fibre cable, as above mentioned.

Go and get the fibre cable, cost $6 (instead of paying more) at any Retail shops. Do note that you have to tell the sales staff for Starhub fibre broadband.

I did found out on this when i choose any yellow cable.

But the sales staff told me that the one i choose is not for Starhub.

Instead he selected another yellow fibre cable, which is for Starhub fibre broadband.

Usually i prefer to shop in Sim Lim Square selling  "accessories" as the sales staff are "qualify".

If the sales staff unable to confirm, it is better to visit another shop.


I had encountered this before.

It was due to fibre cable, as the Technician told me tie loosing and the loop bigger, as this yellow fibre cable is sensitives.

Ever since that day, i do not have any issue with the connection.


Instead of waiting endlessly and to pay for the service, do yourself a favour by getting it yourself, save money.

They are very clever as they will check on their end, so that customer have to pay for technician hours.

Once if confirm nothing to do with the yellow fibre cable, it could be the ONT.

So far, i don't think it is ONT, as it belong to them, which they know if it is problem.


Your Decision.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Modem flashing red light, lost of signal

Hi @Germaineyap,


We're sorry to hear about your experience. 

If you're still facing a issue with your broadband service, PM us your NRIC/Account number and email address over and we will assist accordingly. 



Thank you 


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