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Maxinfinity Disconnection Fee?

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Maxinfinity Disconnection Fee?

I recently terminated my maxinfinity connetion after the contract got over and was surprised to see a fee of $30 being charged in my next bill under the heading Maxinfinity Disconnection. I have been using the service for 4 years.  When I recontracted 2 years back (and even the first time), only the penalty for terminating before 24 months was mentioned, I don't recollect the agent mentioning this fee. Can someone help me with this?


As a side note, in the same interaction, I opted for a cable broadband connection (immediately after terminating the fiber broadband). And guess what - I was charged a $50 Service Activation Fee for that! It seemed bizzare, as I thought I was keeping my internet connection but just switching over to cable mode! I have other services from Starhub and has been a customer for years but looks like they still want to make money out of me on every possible pretext.


Would really appreciate if someone can look into this.


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Re: Maxinfinity Disconnection Fee?

Hi Mindex


Fibre and Cable services are managed by 2 different operators - Fibre by NetLink Trust and Cable by StarHub. Hence, disconnection fees will be payable when you terminate Fibre services. You can check out the terms at for more information.


Separately, as shared, both services are on different platforms. Hence, activation charges will be payable when you're activating a new cable broadband service. 



- Amy
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Re: Maxinfinity Disconnection Fee?

@Amy_Law: Thanks for the explanation.


The fact that these are provided by 2 different operators was never communicated to be my the Starhub sales agents or the call center agents whom I interacted with. I had called up the call center before deciding to terminate the fiber service. Both of them (ie. neither the call center or the sales agent) pointed out that there is a termination fee. As stated earlier, I was also not informed about the termination fee when signing up for the service. I'm extremely disappointed by the service and will take this up with the apropriate authorities.

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Re: Maxinfinity Disconnection Fee?

Hi Mindex, 


Please send me a private message with your name, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that I can get in touch and assist you further. Thank you