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MaxInfinity 100Mbps Wifi keep disconnecting with D-Link AC1750

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MaxInfinity 100Mbps Wifi keep disconnecting with D-Link AC1750



Pls advise why my MaxInfinity 100Mbps Wifi keep disconnecting with D-Link AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit cloud Router DIR-865L every 5 to 10 mins!! This makes any online activity impossible!!!

The "Earth" signal light keep tuning red then green then red; wifi connection keep dropping... 


Any one else also encounter this problem?? Pls share if you have some solution? Is it the router problem or what...



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Re: MaxInfinity 100Mbps Wifi keep disconnecting with D-Link AC1750

The link below may able to provide some info.

For router there are 2 green lights, for Power and Wireless connection.
The "Earth" signal - is it below the POWER lights. That is for WIRELESS signal.
The Wireless light should remain green light, same as the Power light.
If the Wireless light do alternate between green and red light, wireless connection not stable.


Do a simple test by using the PC /Laptop connect to Router port using Ethernet cable.



Maybe you can try to do a reset the router Q2. IF you still have the installation guide, read it. Or i write it; as i am using the same router. You need to have direct connection to do.

Q1. How do i configure my DIR-865L Router manually?
-Connect your PC to the router using the Ethernet cable.
-Open a web browser and enter the address http://dlinkrouter.local or
-The default username is 'Admin'. The password is " (leave the field blank).
-If you had changed the password and can not remember it, you will need to reset the router to set the password back to " (leave the field blank).

Q2. Ensure the router is powered on.
Press and hold the reset button at the bottom of the device for 10 seconds.
NOTE: Resetting the router to factory default will erase the current configuration settings. To re-configure your settings, log into the router as outlined in question Q1. then run the Setup Wizard.

For your info, my router WiFi Name ( SSID ) 2.4 GHz --> dlink-1234 [example]
This router come with password being permanent set. It is stick onto the Router and also given a card on these setting.
So far, i did not changed anything especially the username is dlink-1234 and with password included.
All things info on the setting is on the sticker and pasted on the Router.
I always leave my Modem & Router (include Hubstation Set To Box) as Power is always ON.
Recently, the Sales staff upgrade my 200Mbps to 500 Mbps without any device.
I had only one problem 2 moths ago. It was the fibre cable no good.


If everything else failed, then write another post on this thread, and call hotline.
Please state all the details, 1. Modem; lights color, model. 2. Router lights (as you had written), date 'when this issue start', where is your location (maybe there are issue near to you),  etc.
Someone may response to you, just in case hotline is really HOT, and appointment is many days.


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Re: MaxInfinity 100Mbps Wifi keep disconnecting with D-Link AC1750

Try using 2.4GHz if you are using 5GHz wireless signal.