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Linksys EA7500 drop in ping

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Linksys EA7500 drop in ping

Hi, recently switched to the Linksys EA7500 and have noticed a significant drop in ping.

Compared to my old router (dlink DIR-868L) which used to have a stable ping of ~6-10ms when playing games, i am now having >25ms easily. Furthermore, ping also fluctuates frequently.

I can definitely notice the difference when playing games.

I've tried the different settings for the wifi (channel width, WMM, channels etc.)I also updated the firmware, did a factory reset on router

Btw, is it normal to have ~40mbps max download speed even though i have the 1gbps plan?

The router is quite far from my room but i've never exceeded 50mbps before. (2.4ghz)

Any solutions as to why i have lousier ping as compared to before (in the past i only had 500mbps, after upgrading to 1gbps ping is worse)


**I also tested the network latency on games which resulted in about ~27ms ping or more. though results are not reflected in speedtest

This are some of the results taken from my room 8fb04b9384e451ea7cb59f41b2c5bf9d.pngSpeed results from roomScreenshot_20180404-223027.pngSpeedtest from living room (2.4ghz)

Community Manager

Re: Linksys EA7500 drop in ping

Hi right,


please send me a private message with your name, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that I can get the tech team to assist you further. Thank you