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LOS red light blinking

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LOS red light blinking

Dear Customer Service team,

I came back home from work on 11th September only to realize that my internet was down. After doing my own checks, I came to realize that the supplied box was showing a red LED. After calling the customer service, I was told that the technician would arrive at my house the next day to check further.
The customer service was not able to troubleshoot the issue.


Today, the technician arrived and told me that this was the result of possibly a bigger issue and they would need to go to the main site to check. At the same time, the technician told me that they would sub another company to attend to the problem and was unable to tell me when.

I had to use my data extensively at home due to work. After my husband told this to the customer service over the phone, the reply was they cannot do anything. Really Starhub?

Now I am slowly going on to my 3rd day without internet at home and no service recovery was given. Instead I was charged for transportation fee for the technician to come like it was me who caused the problem. Not only i have no internet, i can't even watch my cable tv that i still pay for in full at the end of the month.

Really disappointed with the service.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: LOS red light blinking

Hi Deeloveuu, 


I'm sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. Do provide me with your details (Registered Name, Hub ID/email address and Service Address) via PM. Can I verify the router you are currently using? - Han


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