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Intermittent connection

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Intermittent connection

Hi, I have switched to using Starhub FibreBroadband since September 2016 and it has given me lots of connectivity issues. Also the connection speed is not significantly faster then the old broadband. At least the old broadband connection is stable. I contacted technical personnel from Starhub who tried to diagnose this problem remotely on several ocassions and finally told me the root cause was mostly likely due to the D-Link router. I took the router to D-Link and exchanged for a new one and the problem still persisted. Starhub technical personnel told me if he came down to my place to troubleshoot and if the problem is not related to Starhub, I will have to pay for the service fee; so I have been living with this intermittent connectivity for the last 17 months and often I have to switch to use my mobile data from Singtel as backup. Recently I bought a cable connector to connect my notebook to the modem directly and the problem persisted. So it is not a router problem. My existing contract will expire in another seven months; and if this problem cannot be resolved, I will have to consider switching to other service provider.

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Re: Intermittent connection

Oh dear, that sounds really frustrating, can you send me your full name, NRIC, contact number and email address  via PM for me to follow up with you?

- Amy