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Intermittent Internet Connection

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Intermittent Internet Connection

Hi there,

I have been experiencing intermittent internet connection over the past week (even having problems getting to this page because of the lack of internet). I have contacted 1633 and was told to switched off and on the modem and router after 10 mins. But the problem persisted. 1633 gave me a number to call which is actually DLINK service centre number. Yet my router is a Huawei model.

Regardless, I would like to know the root cause of the intermittent connection and hope that Starhub can uphold your good service standards to ensure that the connection goes back to normal as soon as possible. Can someone come up and check? Or is there a larger technical or infrastructure problem? Appreciate if you could keep me and the rest of the users updated once the root cause is determined. As much as I just want my internet connection back, I want to close this issue in a proper way.

Thank you.

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Re: Intermittent Internet Connection

Hi there, its been almost 2 weeks since my first post. There were no occurrences of intermittent internet connection since. However, the problem is back again tonight. Is there anyone who can assist me on this?
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Re: Intermittent Internet Connection

Someone did mentioned about restarting method; ONT and Router, on this Community.

First is to switch on the ONT only. When all lights is good, then switch on the Router.



I did try when my laptop crashed. When i was doing Windows Updates, the system keep on searching.

Then later, i found out the internet connection was dis-connect.

The router "on/off" light keep blinking. Most probably this will cause having internet "lost".

Then i remember about how to make correct on switching devices.


First 2 steps as mentioned. Ensure both ONT & router light is stable.

As Updates is important, i wired from the router.

Then the ethernet cable insert to the laptop. This is old version as Ethernet connection is not like USB (plug & play). 

Finally, i switch on the laptop.

Now it is stable.


I am not sure this will help you.