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If my unit is Home Reached?

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If my unit is Home Reached?



I wanted to subscribe for 1GB fibre plan. May I check if my unit meets the Home Reached criteria you mentioned in the subscription page?


"A Fiber Termination Point (FTP) installation fee of $160.50 (HDB/Condo) or $288.90 (Landed) may apply if the address is not Home Reached."


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Re: If my unit is Home Reached?



Please visit NetLink Trust website to check for yourself.


> NetLink Trust Coverage


Should you have any queries do email the customer service.

They will reply promptly as i had done before.


Once it is listed as Fibre ready, then contact &or sign-up to the ISP you prefer.

The ISP will liase with NetLink Trust on the arrangement.


If yours is HDB flat type, NetLink Trust staff may not visit your premise but will handle their task in your block where they have their room.

Once NetLink Trust staff completed their task will liase with ISP.

ISP staff will come to your premise to install & set up the necesaary equipment for Fibre broadband.

Ensure the appointment with ISP &or NLT, if any, is available & convenience to you.



To avoid any unnecessary issue in connection, do supervise the installation & set up.

That is to ensure you can confirm the speedtest, which should be done by the technician, is according to your subscribed plan.

If you are unfamiliar on certain matter relating to fibre broadband, do ask.

Do note there are charges, if any, should you require the technician to do any set up which is outside their scope on this installation.

If possible, do a speedtest yourself on your computers with the technician around.

This is your decision.



I am not starhub staff.


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Re: If my unit is Home Reached?



Please remove any personal detail here.

As this is an open forum.


On your post on the top right click on the arrow and select Edit Reply.

Remove the necessary personal details and click Post.




i am not starhub staff.

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Re: If my unit is Home Reached?

Hi pandaxfly,


I've removed your address from your post to protect your privacy. 


As suggested by Eric, you can check if your house is home-reached via the link above. Let me know if you require any other assistance. 


Thank you