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IPv6 service down again?

Home Networking Expert

Re: IPv6 service down again?

@Sky Wen wrote:

I'm also having the same problem with my Asus RT-AC3200.


The IPV6 used to be working in "Native" mode, but it is not working anymore.


I'm not sure if it is problem with Starhub or the Router. I had upgraded it to the latest firmware and tried all kinds of seeting but it is still not working.


Did Starhub "turn off" the IPV6 ?

The last update I got from Starhub is that they have already collected all the logs they needed and has forwarded it to their vendor for further check/troubleshooting.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: IPv6 service down again?

Have you tried resetting your router to factory default settings before setting everything up again?


Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN number, contact number and email via Private Message and I'll check.


- Amy
Home Networking Expert

Re: IPv6 service down again?

Finally... got a call from Starhub...


Ipv6 is back in action!


Let's see how long it will last time 

Honored Contributor

Re: IPv6 service down again?

Same same. Starhub gave me a call yesterday and everything is back to normal without me doing anything.