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IPv6 down Bukit Batok 11:00am 2018-08-24

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IPv6 down Bukit Batok 11:00am 2018-08-24

Hi, cannot ping IPv6 sites since this morning.


Router/ONT restarted, IPv6 address did a Release and Renew and got assigned an IPv6 address.

The router also gave out IPv6 addresses to my home devices.


IPv4 is working fine.


Community managers - please check with the MaxInfinity team. Thanks!


Tried to traceroute to my router from another IPv6 address tunnelbroker


2 (2001:470:35:97e::1) 227.079 ms 233.975 ms 220.042 ms

3 (2001:470:0:17c::1) 236.370 ms 236.344 ms 236.298 ms

4 (2001:470:0:2ea::1) 266.920 ms 267.511 ms 267.509 ms

5 (2001:470:0:3f3::2)


Got stuck at starhub Smiley Frustrated




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Re: IPv6 down Bukit Batok 11:00am 2018-08-24

Hey beaversin,


Thank you for your feedback. We'll be sure to share this input with them for their perusal - Han

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Re: IPv6 down Bukit Batok 11:00am 2018-08-24


[Update 9pm - all working now - thanks]


Power-cycled ONT and router at 7pm; so far both IPv6/IPv4 came up - however there seems to be intermittent connection.


Even IPv4 has intermittent connectivity now.




Will stop and start after a few sec, dro; a few packets.

Conversely ping IPv6 address seems more reliable and consistent after power-cycle.