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I don't know where to ask this.

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I don't know where to ask this.



Here's the deal. I play Destiny 2 on the PS4. Connection was all fine til today.


Other Multiplayer games are working fine. But Starhub somehow have an issue with connecting to Bungie's Servers today. I've done all I can to troubleshoot. If you say this might be on Bungie's end, I beg to differ. I've used my HP as a hotspot to connect and it works. I'm using Singtel for my phone plan btw. Some of my friends using different ISP are playing now too. 


A band of us on the Bungie help forum are experiencing the same issue. Ranging from PC players to PS4 players. 


So, whoever is listening. Please help. 

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Re: I don't know where to ask this.

Hi Pyloxious


I've listened and read your concerns. Let me assist you with this. Can you provide me with the screenshot of the error you're encountering while trying to connect to the server?