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Homehub 1000 delay

New Commentator

Homehub 1000 delay

Hi, I've signed up homehub 1000 on 5th Feb. Starhub scheduled two appointments, 5th feb netlink trust technician to check on the fibre signal and 13th Feb for the installation. Wed morning I received a call from netlink trust technician that they were unable to come down as there were some technical issue over at their end. Yesterday I received a call and sms from starhub that my 13th Feb installation will be delayed due to technical issue from netlink trust. May I know how long do I have to wait? I was actually hoping everything can be done before CNY but after reading so many complaints from others I really doubt so. I know there's nothing starhub can do if the problem lies on netlink trust side. I'm still hoping it can be done before CNY though..

Community Relationship Manager

Re: Homehub 1000 delay

Sorry for the long wait. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, contact number, email address and NRIC? I will get the team to follow up on this. Thank you