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High Ping / Latency

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High Ping / Latency

Dear Starhub,


Recently within the past month I have noticed horrible latency issues in regards to my wifi (which is the fiber broadband). I had never had any issues before until my latency started spiking for the past few weeks. This is in regards when I try to connect to overseas server for instance when playing games such as Minecraft. A month ago I used to get around 250~ms in terms of ping when connecting to American servers (NA and SA). However, lately I have been gaining around 350ms-500ms on these servers, with spikes up to 1000ms, which I find is quite concerning. I have tried everything to resolve this, reinstalling drivers on my PC, doing a completely factory reset of my PC, chaining the cabled of my router, resetting and restarting my router and nothing has fixed this. I use a wired Ethernet connection and have tested both with and without it. Moreover, I have tested this WiFi issue against 3 other computers (total of 4), a mix of both Mac and Windows, and the issue still prevails. Therefore, I believe there is something wrong in your end in terms of packet delivery. I believe some packet loss is happening on your side that is causing this issue to happen, or my network is being throttled. Whatever the case is, I would highly appreciate some help and insight into the issue. It might be as simple as setting up/fixing the original path that the WiFi had taken before in order to fix the issue with high ping spikes. I would appreciated that we keep in touch and resolve this matter as soon as possible, I have been using StarHub for many years since I moved to SG and hope this won't be the first time I am let down.


Kind Regards,


Re: High Ping / Latency

Hi @Arjun920, I'm sorry to hear about this. Please reach out to my colleagues on Facebook or Twitter so that we can log a case regarding your concern and see if the routing to the game server can be optimised.


~ Carla