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Getting Max infinity in PC show, installation never come

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Getting Max infinity in PC show, installation never come

Subscribe Max infinity plan. Wait more than 4hour, till past midnight. Don't mind as the sales quite sincere. 

Need to wait to register twice, as they have the system issue. Still can take it, as the sales person look giving his best to help. Arrange the appointment for 6/27 6:30 to 8 pm.


Waiting at home on 6/27 while watching TV, door open. Wait till 8:30 the guy never come. Calling 1633 they said they guys actually come and give me miscall. Mentioned to them I didn't get any call, and I am at home the whole time waiting infraction the door. They refer me to sales 1620, and mentioned going to call me. Waiting nobody call back. Call back 1633 she mentioned the sales already close will make sure they will call back tomorrow morning. Feel very piss off, but don't mind still can take it. 


The next morning quite happy when the 1633 call back to check whether the sales department already call back. Mentioned to her they haven't call back. Wait till afternoon decide to call 1620 again, "DISCUSS" with them found out that the phone number in their system is wrong, but is show OK in the agreement that I sign. Don't get it, why they can't notice it is wrong number if it is more than 8 digit telephone number. Asking them the new appointment time. They keep saying will call me back. Call few times, still nobody call me back, till the last try on 8:45pm, asking them don't said I will call back again. So **bleep** piss when the guy said can't make any arrangement again today. It is 8:45 not even 9pm. And will call me back again tomorrow morning. He mentioned that if want to decide which appointment date now the earliest is 15 July. For god sake, why not even 24 month from now when the contract expired

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Re: Getting Max infinity in PC show, installation never come

My apologies for this. Please drop me your details via Private Message so as to allow me to assist you further,
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