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Your technician upgraded my homehub 200 to 1000 on 10/12/15. He said within 24hrs,every thing will resume. But now already 24hrs, 24hrs, passs. STILL CANNOT ACCESS ,Y FIBRE BROADBAND!!!!! SYSTEM DOWN!!!!!!


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Re: Fibrebroad

@les71, Bro, your issues will never be solved by anyone who're willing to help by not stating what are the problem you're facing and what had you tried to solve the issue. Simply BY USING CAPS DOESN'T EMPHASISE ANYTHING. IT JUST MAKES PEOPLE  FEELS RELUCTANT TO ASSIST YOU. 


Could you for a start, state what is the issue you're facing?


Steps you had done to try and solve the issues? (e.g like doing a power cycle on both the ONT and router, are you able to get any connection via DIRECT connecting to the VeONT using a LAN cable.


Had you called in to check? (1633)



“Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.”
—Agatha Christie
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Re: Fibrebroad

Please, what are you talking, of course I had been calling 1633 everyday to check before I wrote this. They kept telling me my account is pending pending! I asked them why pending, the staff said the technician side had not done the completion.

 How the hell do I know what happened to starhub?  I already mention no internet connection. Although everything had been set up by the technician but the starhub computer had not bern updated yet so pending........ 

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Re: Fibrebroad

As  @SuperDog  is trying to help you.



You are not the only one having this issue, upgrade to  1Gbps.

A few of them are having exact issue as yours.

We are also providing some of them to resolve their issue, too.

And Starhub technical staff are still trying to resolve it...


Do write your details to the link, for assistance.

Ask an account related question.




We are not Starhub staff &or related to, and even paid for this support.

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Re: Fibrebroad

Oic, sorry that I thought you are one of starhub staff. Thanks for offering your help anyway .

I just wonder why no starhub staff comment on this ???


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Re: Fibrebroad

Don't worry, as this is okay to us.


As this is a Community forum, staff may not able to reply, today Sunday.


Just to give you something about this forum.

Starhub Community forum is different from other (Telco, no name) forum.

This forum have no restricted on whether the poster to complains.

ALso part of this forum is for us to come in, sort of assist those having problem in all services.


We have network expert, as this is most common issues.

Starhub Community lack of full-time staff.

Some of the staff are truely  Customer Service staff, so not full-time in here.

Normal they will gather those posts that the CS could resolved, then reply all together.

Being Customer Service staff, they will provide as in the same way as calling the HOTline.


For the link to

It is sort of link to the central point, where respective depts to answer, such as technical issue.

Also because of personal details which must not be stated here.

Writing to that link &or PM "private message" to the staff which include personal details.

In this way, the Staff could reply by PM to the poster, as each case may not be the same.



Your problem seem to be not you alone. Link to others:


As this is technical issue, the staff may not be able to do anything, other than seeking the poster to post in in that link.


Just write to that link, with your details and the problems you are having.

The more of those having the same problem, they may set their priority high.



Welcome to Starhub Community forum.


Thanks for reading up to here.




Community Manager

Re: Fibrebroad

Hi, please kindly provide us your account details over at via ask an account related query link, please kindly indicate your StarHub Community username in the query for us to check.

If my post answers your question, please click on the "Accept as Solution" button!
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Re: Fibrebroad

Haha! @eric3743, thanks for helping to clarified.


@les71, forum are used to be use as a form of alternative, to seek for solution and helping each other.

We, forumer are here to hopefully be able to offer assistance and at the same time learning things that we do not know. 


Anybody who faced issue with certain service usually just come up forum and blasting all around which in fact did not solve the issue as much calling or emailing up the relavant company. Those who came here wants to find if there are similar cases around and had been solved thus giving them the relavant or similar information which might helps them. Everything said here are best to the poster knowledge, sometimes, it might be wrong, it might be right as well. Its all trial and error, doing troubleshooting and finding alternative or work around.


- Let us know when they had gotten back to you should you require any help, we will be glad to assist you if possible! Cheers

“Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.”
—Agatha Christie