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Fibre contract ending soon

Senior Commentator

Fibre contract ending soon

Hi all. 


My contract is ending in June, and i am relocating to a new place as well in the June as well. 


1- Once my contract ends, is there a termination fee to discontinue the fibre contract?


2- When the contract ends, and i recontract my fibre at my new address.
Will i be charged a new setup fee? or relocation fee?


Alumni (Retired)

Re: Fibre contract ending soon

Hi @ JiaoJiao


Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN number, contact number and new address in full via Private Message and I'll arrange for follow up. 

- Amy
Senior Commentator

Re: Fibre contract ending soon

Hi Amy. 


Thanks for the update. 

However is there a clear answer that i can get from the FAQ? or from starhub website?

Grand Guru

Re: Fibre contract ending soon




Suggest you do write to forum staff (CS) to assist you on this matter.


Any queries can be answered according to your case as this depend on case to case.

Issues can be wavier of fees and type of offer & free goodies, applicable to you.

 CS will rely your case to Sales &or Marketing dept to follow up with you.


Usually when contract reached 21 months, sales staff may contact for special offer to each individual case.

Recontract is to continue the service and if there is any special offer may be included.

Alternately is like sign-up as new customer, which makes no differences where most users will lookout for better promotion and pricing offer by all ISP.


In my case when the contract expiry also happened to me moving to new flat.

Hence the CS assist me to liaise with Sales & Marketing dept to provide me a offer way much better than other.

There is no relocation fees ($120) as new flat consider as new sign-up.

Although there is a fibre disconnection fee ($32.10) for the existing contract.

But my saving was that new sign-up i was given free goodie, which was more than that fee.






Senior Commentator

Re: Fibre contract ending soon

Noted and thanks @eric3743



I'll wait for the CS.