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Fibre broadband issue

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Fibre broadband issue

For the past 2 weeks, my fibre broadband signal have been unstable. My router gave me a orange light, my samsung starhub box led light also gave me red colour. My phone was using the broadband signal, tried to call 1633, but was cut off.

Re: Fibre broadband issue

Looks like have to use your mobile phone or other landline (neighbour's phone, office phone etc) to call 1633.


Grand Guru

Re: Fibre broadband issue

What do you mean that the fibre broadband is unstable'

Do you mean no connection - cannot surf or sometime can surf;

Meaning, 1) Totaly unable to surf as no connection  2) Can surf but sometimes connection lost. 

Are you using wireless or wired.


Note: Wireless issue has nothing to do with Starhub connection, as it is the Router issue.



Before doing troubleshooting, ensure all devices are switch off first. Need to wait awhile before switch on.

Only After connecting all the cable & wired, then switch on. Ethernet cable best to connect when pc is Off.



1)  Totally unable to surf as no connection



Check on the ONT on the light named LOC, if it show Red light mean connection broken.

Just do a simple troubleshooting;

At both end of the Fibre cable, the green end, firmly push in on both ONT and the Wall TP, not force.

Sometime it is due to this Fibre cable, as it did happen to me.


Contact Starhub HOTline  1633 to make an appointment for the technician to your location.

The CS will also asked you to check the Fibre cable on both end.

Remember to inform the CS to make sure the Technician bring along 3 items, ONT, Fibre cable, Router.


(Hint: Do not hold on too long. If the voice prompt to ask you to wait, after the 3rd voice prompt hang up.

Then wait awhile and call again. Repeat.

Possible due to being divert and happen the CS have something urgent, your call go back behind the queue again; Or call in non peak hours. Meal break wil have less CS)



Do write your details to the link, for assistance.

Ask an account related question.


Dont use common title as subject title, as they may overlook.

Do write more in detail instead as what you wrote here.

Such as, ONT lights and how long you cannot use, etc.

Then they will check on their end first below going to your location. (Their procedure)




(2) Can surf but sometimes connection lost.


Connect using ethernet cable between ONT Port-1 (the same port where cable to router) and your Computer.

i)  If you can surf, then the internet connection is available. You need to check all the cable connection are secure, not loose.

ii)  Cannot surf, then get an appointment &or write to the link provided.







I am not Starhub staff &or related to.