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Fibre TV - How to get the IPTV box ?

Grand Guru

Re: Fibre TV - How to get the IPTV box ?



Basically, for the voucher, it can be used for certain channels.

But it cannot be used to offset monthly subscription &or content provider, such as, additional group channels that have a contract, separately from 2 years TV Service contract.

For VOD channels, there are charges for Movies/shows, which mostly cost <$5.00 as this can be offset from the voucher.


As i had fixed on Channel 869, as it was from previous $6 on 200Mbps plan.

Instead on counting and decide on what to use for the voucher every month.

I used the voucher to act as an additional channels.


For the free maxmobile SIM card, it is free for 1GB data per billing cycle period.

This is part of the promotion package of the HomeHub plan.

I had been using this many years ago, when it started as part of Broadband package.

As for that statements, it is mentioned in any T&C, as it is just in-case this is removed.


Senior Advisor

Re: Fibre TV - How to get the IPTV box ?

The Starhub Go is chargeable from Jan 2017.

Wonder if there are any more hidden charges for Home Hub plans?


[quote]^This Value-Added-Service is free for all StarHub TV customers until 31 December 2016. Customers will be charged $5.35/month from 1 January 2017 onwards. The platforms and content which may be accessed under this service are subject to availability. Other Terms and Conditions apply.[/quote]



Thinking of getting either

300MBps Fibre broadband - $29.90, or

Homehun 500 - $78.80