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Fibre Spoiled my 4yo TV

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Fibre Spoiled my 4yo TV

I’m very upset. After installing fibre my LG OLED 55’ TV is spoilt. No compensation. With no tv I’m still paying StarHub bills $200 bundle. Just contracted so now trapped by lousy StarHub.


25mar: StarHub sales rep Jeffrey spent 1h explaining benefits of switching to fibre. Convinced me how to save thru package. By end of it I said ok cos no loss of money switching. Still pay same amount.


3apr: technician installed fibre; discovered something wrong w box he left my house to get another box. all done he left at 10pm. We didn’t use tv cos slept early.


4-9 Apr: I go work.old Mother don’t watch tv until 7pm when I get home. every time we tried to switch on tv there were pixels across screen and audio was bad. Connection was SLOWER THAN CABLE. Had to turn off n on 2-3 times before we get to watch tv.


10apr: tv screen black leaving 5cm image at bottom of tv. Called StarHub spoke to XAvier. One hr later some rep said too late for anyone to come and they still need time.


11apr: engineer came and said my tv faulty not StarHub box. Duh. My tv spoilt BECAUSE THEY INSTALLED FIBRE. Insensitive man said send for repair or buy new one. My tv spoilt because of wear n tear. HELLO WE HARDLY WATCH TV. There is still plastic on tv still! Bought 4 years ago. Made me sign to say nothing wrong w box. 


Now i I end up paying star hub for TV - with no tv. 



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Re: Fibre Spoiled my 4yo TV

Hi Sunbear1


I've replied you on another post. 

- Amy