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Fibre 100mbps plan

Senior Commentator

Fibre 100mbps plan

Hi Starhub,


Can i use 2 Router Modems on 1 HG863 GPON Terminal?


Im trying to use another modem on the GPON terminal but it doesnt work, so i assume the other ports are blocked or something. is port1 only works? thanks...

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Re: Fibre 100mbps plan

and can i configure the settings of Huawei HG863 GPON terminal?

Hub Master

Re: Fibre 100mbps plan

Not quite sure what device exactly you are referring to.

From what you mentioned, you could only connect and get internet access from port 1.

If you are intending to subscribe with another ISP at the same time, either port 2, 3 or 4 would be activated for the service with the other ISP.

So if you are connecting your spare modem / router to either of the ports, I seriously doubt you would get any internet connection.

And if you are referring to configuring the Nucleus Connect device, I do not think you can do that.

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