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Fiber down @ Woodlands

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Fiber down @ Woodlands


I just renew my subscription a few months back.

The last few days my fibre optics had been buggy.

I could not connect to the 5GHz and the normal network.

Surprisingly, i can see the 'umbrella' signal logo in my pc and hp. But could not connect to the internet.


Im using the nucleus connect modem . 

Port 1 button - Flashing lights


Router Dlink Dir-850L 

All lights are on.


Digital voice - Also down.

I try to connect my pc using Lan cable but also no connect to internet.

I tried to call 1622 usual cant get thru.  So decided to use this forum instead.


Any ideas ?..

Grand Guru

Re: Fiber down @ Woodlands

Hi  @Hazman76


1.  Are the problem due to wireless connection, Starhub may not able to provide.

Then do write here and provide more details, so as someone here may able to assist you.


2.  For connection using LAN cable.

Connect your PC directly to the ONT (nucleus connect modem) and check if it is working, if not refer to pt 4.


3.  Do check if there is red light on "LOC" on the ONT.

On both green end of the fibre cable, try to push firmly in for both ONT and PC.


4.  If the problem still exist, do contact the HOTline 1633 CS to ask them to check on their end.


5.  If they did not return your call, then call HOTline 1633 CS to make an appointment for the technician to your location.


6.  If unable to contact the CS, do submit with your subscriber detail via  PM  Ng Wei Hao  or  Santosh Rai  


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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Re: Fiber down @ Woodlands

Hi having the same issue with the fibre network.. its super slow then usual.. please get someone to check on it.. im staying in sembawang.